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Bitcoin Mining the Punchcard way

May 26, 2015


Bitcoin mining on punchcards with an IBM 1401 computer. “To mine a block at current difficulty, the IBM 1401 would take about 5×10^14 years (about 40,000 times the current age of the universe). The electricity would cost about 10^18 dollars. And you’d get 25 bitcoins worth about $6000,” he wrote. “Performance was worse than I […]

Bitcoin vs OSX Mavericks

October 26, 2013


Looks like various issues using some Bitcoin clients in OSX Mavericks. Check out this thread before upgrading.

An update on Bitcoin 0.9 from the Foundation

October 24, 2013


After all the ups and downs of Bitcoin value this week, it’s nice to get back to the really exciting stuff – the technical things.  The Bitcoin Foundation has a good update on what might be going into v0.9. Great to see steady progress being made on a scalable future, with talk on things like […]

EBay UK clamping down on all Bitcoin-related items?

August 21, 2013


According to this forum post, ebay UK are starting to really hassle anyone selling Bitcoin-related items. Not just the virtual currency itself, but “actual” things like mining hardware. The hassle allegedly goes as far as cancelling orders which have already been paid for. Selling virtual currency on the site has always been slightly risky (see […]

Brighton Bitcoin meetup – this Wednesday

July 28, 2013


This Wednesday evening is maybe the first Brighton meetup for anyone interested in Bitcoin – and digital currency/alternative economics more broadly, but with a Bitcoin focus. General chat, questions on getting started, hare-brained ideas, newbie questions – all welcome. I’ll have my phone and will be happy to trade BTC in small quantities for cash, […]

The Pirate Bay Accepting Bitcoin Donations, Other Torrent Sites Follow

April 24, 2013


Bitcoin on Etsy

April 14, 2013


Holy cow, the results for “Bitcoin” on Etsy exploded. That was a single page of results a few months back.