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Bitcoin never sounded so … uh.

September 21, 2015


Wow blog, hello, it’s been a while. How are you? What’s going on then? Everyone’s talking about negative interest rates and shit, but the only real nightmare is probably this music-art installation that creates dread sound from BTC/LTC exchange data. Anyway, laptop battery dying. Maybe I’ll post again soon, maybe not. Advertisements

Bitcoin Brighton August Meetup: Next week!

August 19, 2014


So it’s been quiet round here recently – a lot of my attention has been taken up with and sorting out meetups. It’s a hard life. Posts have been building up, so expect a bit of a flurry while the pipes clear through a bit… Speaking of meetups, the next Brighton Bitcoin meetup is […]

High-Frequency Trading and Bitcoin

April 7, 2014


Interesting thought – could HFT moving from markets to Bitcoin lead to the next bubble/crash? There are certainly trading bots and arbitrage bots running on Bitcoin exchanges. Is the p2p-albeit-fairly-focused (on a few exchanges) infrastructure up to a locust invasion? Or are HFT and Bitcoin both inevitable in an algorithmic economy? Given Bitcoin’s in […]

Bitcoin: For when Art is too good

February 4, 2014


Despite the incessant altcoin saturation, I do still love the Bitcoin Forum. Where else can you order a shitty drawing for 1 USD and get something like this back inside 20 minutes?

Brighton Bitcoin meetup *tomorrow*, BTC accepted

January 27, 2014


Bugger, been so busy recently I posted this everywhere except me own blog. Excited to say there’s the third Brighton Bitcoin meetup tomorrow at the Blind Tiger club, 6pm. I’m even more excited because we’re hoping to actually use Bitcoin to buy real beer at the club – the owner has promised QR codes! There’s […]

BitLegal shows you the world picture

January 12, 2014


Want to know which nations are friendly or not towards Bitcoin? does just that.

The Bitcoin Harvest game

January 12, 2014


Bitcoin Magazine presents a fun little pen and paper game based on pentominos.