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Local farming, groups, money, language, power

September 7, 2014


Technical bleeding edge stuff is fun, but it’s the new economic and social models that really get me going. “Off-grid” is starting to merge and encompass groups going “off-society” as well, mainstream-wise. Groups like this Michigan farm running local produce schemes with Bitcoin. Forms of value are innovative in themselves – it’s a constant world […]

Holy crap, I “get” altcoins now

January 13, 2014


I admit that I’ve been ignoring altcoins up until now – I don’t really have time to keep up with what appears to be Bitcoin but with tweaks and memes added in. Amusing, yes. And in the case of Litecoin (one of the first to use the ASIC-resistant scrypt algorithm, to keep GPUs able to […]

BitLegal shows you the world picture

January 12, 2014


Want to know which nations are friendly or not towards Bitcoin? does just that.

China in a Bitcoin Bull Shop

December 5, 2013


The news all over the radar this morning is that China is stopping banks from handling Bitcoin, effectively shifting the risk onto private citizens. The last few hours have seen price bounces like a Slinky on caffeine and an empty stomach. But will this bite or boost the network currency? The volatility is to be […]

Bitcoin: It doesn’t make sense _not_ to

November 10, 2013


A good article in the Telegraph about state balance sheets and Bitcoin stepping up (via @maxkeiser whose show you should definitely watch). Here was my response on Twitter: . @maxkeiser National currencies are the DRM of finance. Sharing Bitcoin economy with China seems as natural as sending an email to space. — Scribe (@6loss) November […]

Bloomberg shows why Bitcoin is anything but doomed

August 9, 2013


The extent of wrongness to which some arguments go to convince you to do something always amazes me. This week it’s the pitiable effort to which Timothy Lavin over at has gone to try to denounce Bitcoin as a haven of criminality, in its ‘The SEC Shows Why Bitcoin is Doomed‘ piece. The oxymoronic […]

SEC charges pirateat40 – and Nation State meets Global Protocol

July 23, 2013


If you were around the Bitcoin scene last year, you’ll remember the build-up and crash-out of the largest Bitcoin pyramid scam yet, run by “pirateat40“. Turns out they got him. What’s encouraging is not just that he was caught, but that the American law seem to be treating Bitcoin and its community with a certain […]