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Modular Currency Infrastructures

March 18, 2015


[TL;DR: The new crypto-economic paradigm is gaining momentum, and efforts are large enough for specialised services to start appearing, and to compete with each other. The blockchain movement needs these services in place to succeed – and more. What services are essential though? And which ones have developed, and which are yet to emerge?] What’s […]

Altcoin endpoint: Risk widgets and P2P HFT

March 17, 2014


Just having an interesting discussion with Espen (see for some of his music available for Bitcoin) around the future of altcoins, and whether they’re a gimmick or not. On a related note, I’ve signed up with Donkey Koin this week, an online wallet service in beta that lets you store and trade dozens of […]

MtGox and the death of Bitcoin^w mass media

February 27, 2014


Over on Twitter Phil asked me what I thought about the death of MtGox and the future of Bitcoin. I’d make 3 quick observations on the current issue: 1. This is a good reminder how many people have come into Bitcoin in the last 6 months and are realising the risks. But it’s nothing new. […]

Bitcoin at the Pub: Notes from the Real World

February 4, 2014


The heavy jangle of a solo electric guitar being thrashed rings out behind me. I’m alone at the bar of the Blind Tiger club in Brighton, staring at my phone, hoping my elbow isn’t sitting in a puddle of iced water. The barman is helping out a new customer, and I’m staring through the gloom […]

Holy crap, I “get” altcoins now

January 13, 2014


I admit that I’ve been ignoring altcoins up until now – I don’t really have time to keep up with what appears to be Bitcoin but with tweaks and memes added in. Amusing, yes. And in the case of Litecoin (one of the first to use the ASIC-resistant scrypt algorithm, to keep GPUs able to […]

4 theories on today’s British Bitcoin sell-off

December 1, 2013


Don’t panic. 100 200 GBP just got wiped off the Bitcoin trade price in an afternoon. Welcome to Bitcoinworld, where value is illusionary and stability is a whim. What’s fascinating is the massive GBP volume over on MtGox today. It doesn’t seem to be mirrored so much in the US MtGox or the BTCChina charts […]

Bloomberg shows why Bitcoin is anything but doomed

August 9, 2013


The extent of wrongness to which some arguments go to convince you to do something always amazes me. This week it’s the pitiable effort to which Timothy Lavin over at has gone to try to denounce Bitcoin as a haven of criminality, in its ‘The SEC Shows Why Bitcoin is Doomed‘ piece. The oxymoronic […]