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Bitcoin ATMs land in Brighton

August 26, 2014


The last week has seen not one but two Bitcoin ATMs appear in Brighton, along with the promise of being able to buy coffee for BTC soon too. I jumped at the chance to try the machines out, of course: Graham from @bitcoinBrighton buying some bitcoin with our new ATM! — Futurecoins (@futurecoins) August […]

Altcoin endpoint: Risk widgets and P2P HFT

March 17, 2014


Just having an interesting discussion with Espen (see for some of his music available for Bitcoin) around the future of altcoins, and whether they’re a gimmick or not. On a related note, I’ve signed up with Donkey Koin this week, an online wallet service in beta that lets you store and trade dozens of […]

Holy crap, I “get” altcoins now

January 13, 2014


I admit that I’ve been ignoring altcoins up until now – I don’t really have time to keep up with what appears to be Bitcoin but with tweaks and memes added in. Amusing, yes. And in the case of Litecoin (one of the first to use the ASIC-resistant scrypt algorithm, to keep GPUs able to […]

China in a Bitcoin Bull Shop

December 5, 2013


The news all over the radar this morning is that China is stopping banks from handling Bitcoin, effectively shifting the risk onto private citizens. The last few hours have seen price bounces like a Slinky on caffeine and an empty stomach. But will this bite or boost the network currency? The volatility is to be […]


November 7, 2013


Playing with PikaPay – BTC via Twitter

June 30, 2013


Today I’m playing with a new service called PikaPay after reading about it on Bitcoin Magazine. PikaPay lets you send BTC from your Twitter account to any other Twitter account – as well as ask for payments. Reddit users will be familiar with a similar scheme there, and other services have also tried the Twitter […]

Transferwise shuts off routes to Bitcoin exchanges

April 24, 2013


Holy crap, I never used transferwise, but was looking into it… Transferwise was how a lot of people in the UK were getting Bitcoins, so expect the UK otc premium to go up again. Still, it’s not all doom and gloom. Will post more on this later, plus some stuff in potential upcoming alternatives.