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Three Thinkers Talk: Businesses focus on Bitcoin

August 19, 2014


Tried to post this a while back, but Google codejuice didn’t want to talk to WordPress. Meh. Anyway. Back at the start of July I gave a talk to the Brighton Three Thinker’s business club about Bitcoin and what it meant for businesses. The crowd was very enthusiastic, the talk went well, and the chat […]

Built-in Identity Proofing

March 18, 2013


A gentle reminder that trust is becoming a game of many layers, as a good-reputation borrower has his forum account hacked. The compromised account reputation was used to request BTC in a simple way – but really only the first layer of trust was compromised. Deeper levels of trust were used to quickly invalidate the message […]

Getting to know you: Trust and Conversation

October 10, 2012


Interesting article from Nicolas Pottier claiming that Bitcoin has (currently or inherently, I’m not quite sure) a lack of trust. Here’s his main point: “Trust creates an environment where everybody can stop worrying about being ripped off and get on with business.  A currency that allows complete anonymity yet has no central authority to manage disputes fails […]

Introduction to Bitcoin: A talk

September 24, 2012


I gave a talk on Bitcoin as part of the Technology and My Pocket conference in Brighton yesterday, which aimed to bring emerging technology and practices (such as 3D Printing, Agile working, etc) to a less techie, more local-community audience. The weather was atrocious, the walls were filled with creativity, my talk ran on a bit, but […]

Stillium Partita: In conversation with Rupert & Espen

September 18, 2012


The new site launched “Stillium Partita” for Bitcoin sale a few weeks ago, and is proud to bring the companion remix album “Stillium Reworked” from next Monday the 24th, a week before its official release. “Stillium Reworked” will be available for Bitcoins from To celebrate the two collaborations, the albums’ creators Rupert Lally and […]

Q&A with the Chocolate Tree

August 21, 2012


After my experience buying yummy things from the Chocolate Tree, I thought it’d be interesting to get the Bitcoin perspective from this Edinburgh-based store . The traders’ perspective is, in my opinion, one of the large holes in the world of Bitcoin at the moment (see this forum thread for another example). Ali from the Tree […]