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Posted on September 7, 2014


Technical bleeding edge stuff is fun, but it’s the new economic and social models that really get me going. “Off-grid” is starting to merge and encompass groups going “off-society” as well, mainstream-wise. Groups like this Michigan farm running local produce schemes with Bitcoin.

Forms of value are innovative in themselves – it’s a constant world of exploitation, in which something not currently of monetary value gets ‘owned’ and converted into profit – for somebody. Think advertising in public spaces. Think native plants. Think politicians.

Protecting forms of value has a pretty direct link to the control you have over your own environment. All monies comes with their own set of rules and responsibilities – their own agreements as to the rights that others have over you for using a particular money. The more that individuals and groups feel the need to ‘localise’, and to run their own affairs and environments, the more important the control over these monetary agreements becomes too.

Money, in a sense, becomes a language. And language, as we know, shifts and develops in line with local needs – otherwise it becomes simply ineffective. A burden.

Is money following the same path?

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