Three Thinkers Talk: Businesses focus on Bitcoin

Posted on August 19, 2014


Tried to post this a while back, but Google codejuice didn’t want to talk to WordPress. Meh.

Anyway. Back at the start of July I gave a talk to the Brighton Three Thinker’s business club about Bitcoin and what it meant for businesses. The crowd was very enthusiastic, the talk went well, and the chat – as you might expect – jumped rapidly between business practicalities, global economic meltdown, and social justice. Which is all to say I had a lot of fun.

Here be the slides.

I ended up chatting to the guys behind Goodmoney, a new Brighton-based scheme to allow the exchange of a diverse set of “local currencies” – or perhaps a multitude of altcoin-style assets, which can be traded and valued according to the networks we find ourselves in. it’s fascinating stuff anyway, worth keeping an eye on them.

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