Altcoin endpoint: Risk widgets and P2P HFT

Posted on March 17, 2014



Just having an interesting discussion with Espen (see for some of his music available for Bitcoin) around the future of altcoins, and whether they’re a gimmick or not. On a related note, I’ve signed up with Donkey Koin this week, an online wallet service in beta that lets you store and trade dozens of altcoins.

Donkey Koin also offer a personal page for payment in any of these altcoins – go and see mine at, for example (tips warmly accepted).

Doesn’t this make sense for the future of scripted currency systems? The abstraction away from having “a Bitcoin address”, or even a wallet, towards an identifier – a URL – that anyone can pay any cryptocurrency into? The service can take care of addresses, and latest “gimmicks”, etc. It’s just like a Bitcoin wallet with many addresses, except spread across multiple blockchains.

At that point, the question of whether you hold BTC or convert it into fiat currencies becomes even bigger: Do you store your tokens in the altcoins people sent it to you as, convert it to Bitcoins, convert it to fiat currency, or what?

Hell, why not specify that you want your wallet to store your money as 50% fiat, 30% Bitcoin, 10% Doge and 10% Vertcoin?

Or why not specify that you want the percentages to be based on some simple market-based rules, moving more money into currencies if your algorithm thinks they have potential to break out, and less if they’re starting to look risky?

Hell, why not have a slider in a widget on your phone that lets you set your current “accepted risk” factor, which adjusts that algorithm and shuffles your money about for you?

Get it yet?