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Posted on November 2, 2013



I just helped fund DarkWallet over on Indiegogo. I admit to using old-fashioned fiat money cos I quite wanted a t-shirt, but if you want to donate with Bitcoin then there’s a coinbase link too.

What’s DarkWallet, you say? There’s a good intro at the New Yorker,  but it’s a project from the guy who invented the 3D gun and one of the guys behind the old Intersango/Britcoin exchange (where I started off buying Bitcoins). The project (see official website here) is a mix of philosophical and technical aims.

Philosophically, the project wants to maintain and extend the cypherpunk, anti-state nature of Bitcoin rather than just develop it as a convenient form of electronic money. Whether you agree with that depends on why you’re into Bitcoin. Personally I don’t think Bitcoin would be as popular as it is now without this rebelliousness, and I think it’s good – no, vital – to remember this while fawning over ever-rising exchange rates.

Technically, the project is looking to bring more anonymity and privacy to users in a friendly way. Initial aims seem a realistic start, combining a simple interface to send BTC from within the browser, using a stack based on open, scalable architectures.

Where it goes from there will be interesting – “philosophical” projects always have the challenge of attracting driven purists, but breaking up over minor disagreements over how things should be done. Keeping things open, as DarkWallet will be doing, is essential to having something survive.

The project has raised half of its funding on the first day – $24,000 in a day – so head over quick if you want a t-shirt 😉

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