An update on Bitcoin 0.9 from the Foundation

Posted on October 24, 2013


After all the ups and downs of Bitcoin value this week, it’s nice to get back to the really exciting stuff – the technical things. 

The Bitcoin Foundation has a good update on what might be going into v0.9. Great to see steady progress being made on a scalable future, with talk on things like future pruneability (to cut down blockchain downloads) and no-wallet mode.

Interesting to see how the discussion on embedding non-Bitcoin data (i.e. using the blockchain to store small packets of data rather than transactions) – there will soon be scope to “embed” up to 80 bytes of data into a “transaction” without having to create a useless transaction. Could open up all kinds of possibilities, but remains to be seen whether these jive or jar with the “true nature” of Bitcoin, if one exists. 

Testers should click the link and apply…

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