Strange e-mail alluding to this Bitcoin Crash?

Posted on March 28, 2013


So this is fascinating, although easily hoaxable – is a coalition manipulating panic in the Bitcoin market? From;topicseen

(quoting for reference)

============================ From: Xeanu Sent: Monday, March 25, 2013 9:35 AM To: “Weak-hands Shakeout” distribution list Subject: 3/22 shakeout

To all coalition members:

Congratulations on last week’s shakeout! This was our best one yet. I’ll follow up with the date and time of the next planned event.

Just a few observations:

1. Remember, the timing is critical. All times are posted in GMT, so PLEASE make the correct translation to your local time. (There’s a tool called Google that can help you with the time conversion.) Also I recommend that you use, or similar services, to coordinate the timing down to the second.

2. No CHEATING! In order for this to be effective, no pre-selling or pre-buying! You must sell at the exact moment designated, so that we can maximize the effectiveness of the coalition, and maximize panic in the Bitcoin Market. This is the honor system – we can all do very well together, by increasing our BTC, without taking from each other. Remember, the more panic we create, the better off we are.

3. Remember, our objective is not to cause people to doubt the validity of the currency, but to shake out the weak hands, who panic at every little drop. Last week was ideal for this, due to the recent price run-up, and the number of noobs in the market.

4. Gondorg suggested that we adjust the rules. We’re open to ideas. For now, the rules remain the same: You are to sell at the designated moment (no sooner), and stay out of the buying market for four hours, to let the panic take hold. At that point, you can buy back only 10% of whatever amount you sold, for each of the next 10 hours. After that time, you can buy whatever you want.

Please report your stats to me by the end of the day, for the 3/22 shakeout. Once I have everyone’s numbers, I’ll publish them back to you. Personally, I was able to increase my holdings by 12.6%, at the same investment level! I also bought in another 5% at the discount prices. I’ll share the btc quantities in my follow-up report.

A fool and his money soon funds my retirement!

– Xenau ======================================

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