Brewster Kahle of tries out Bitcoins

Posted on December 19, 2012


Great post from Brewster Kahle as he tries out donating Bitcoin to (which he, y’know, started). I commented on the post, but wanted to re-post my comment here as it addresses why I think it’s important to keep a sense of perspective on Bitcoin’s success/current state:

This is a great post because it covers the sheer emotional rollercoaster that is Bitcoin usage. It reminds me of the early days of BBSes etc, where you could spend days cursing modem protocols and phone lines (and get called by the local BBS SysOp to check you’re an OK Guy), but once everything was up and running you were hooked.

Having spent a few years looking at Bitcoin, it’s great to see services such as being built on top of it to make a great technology into a great tool. I donated just now, but the process was basically 1) get a QR code for the donation address 2) scan the QR code with phone 3) enter password on phone 4) done.

(Hint for #1: )

The initial side of things (running a client, getting BTC) is still a pain, sure. But when you have graphs like this:

…you just know that it’s going to get easier.

And bigger.

In the interests of openness, you can also see my small donation here.