Bitcoin Foundation announced

Posted on September 27, 2012


Sometime ago, the Bitcoin community was promised a “big announcement” in September. Today, we found out what it was: The Bitcoin Foundation has arrived (see forum announcement here too.)

The Foundation, set up by some of the most influential actors in Bitcoin, seeks to ensure that Bitcoin remains stable and “on target” through a mix of maintaining standards, PR, and funding. As the ‘why’ page notes, “We see this foundation as critical for bringing legitimacy to the Bitcoin currency.”

As always in the Bitcoin community, opinions on the need and effect of this is split, but supporters can donat here and/or join here to vote for board members.

Whatever your opinions, it’s clear that Bitcoin is reaching an interesting point: it now commands real attention, even if many people are still scathing of it, and it’s been around long enough and acquired enough momentum to be taken “seriously”, in some form or another. Establishing “legitimacy” is an essential aspect of this – fundamentally and inherently across the community, as well as in the eyes of the media.

Good luck, BF.