Introduction to Bitcoin: A talk

Posted on September 24, 2012


I gave a talk on Bitcoin as part of the Technology and My Pocket conference in Brighton yesterday, which aimed to bring emerging technology and practices (such as 3D Printing, Agile working, etc) to a less techie, more local-community audience. The weather was atrocious, the walls were filled with creativity, my talk ran on a bit, but it was a great day with some great people. I’ll do a proper write up sometime over on my other blog, but wanted to post the slides I used here.

Here’s the link to the Google Doc version, which can be copied/commented on. They’re also available on Slideshare, and can be flicked through below:

I wasn’t completely sure what the audience was going to be, so ended up trying to cover a bit of everything. In reality it was a split between geeks and non-geeks, so I could have probably just jumped in much quicker and then explained everything based on people’s questions.

We did do a live demo of signing up to the wallet, including sending Bitcoins to it via QR code and a mobile phone, and buying Bitcoins using the new PingIt service. That was pretty awesome.

I also took along the first issue of Bitcoin Magazine, and some physical bitcoins in the form of Casascius coins, cheques, and BitBills. Lots of good feedback around that – some people thought the coins were “cute”, and having something you can hold really makes it feel like a “proper” thing that can’t just be deleted with the wrong mouse click.

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