Bitcoin Magazine – a review

Posted on June 26, 2012


Once upon a time there was a move from paper to electronic. Money became electronic, books became electronic, even paper itself became electronic. The world jumped from the tangible to the flexible.

Fortunately, Bitcoin Magazine was one of those things that happened to jump the other way – bridging the gap from the aethereal to the real. A magazine all about Bitcoin, and a market thirsty to buy something other than Vapourware? There was a vibe around the announcement – one which I followed, and which was probably my second ever BTC transaction for “goods”. (The first was for Casascius coins.)

Months passed and I lost track of time. Seasons came and went. Plants blossomed and died and everything got a bit older.

And then one day – yesterday in fact – I came back home from a weekend away, only to find something calling itself “Bitcoin Magazine” on the (virtual) doormat. Talk about “pre-announcement”. I’d started to believe that Royal Mail had deliberately “mislaid” it, but no – here it was. And it’s actually pretty impressive:

It feels closer to a magazine than a fanzine, although clearly for such an early stage most the advertisers are fairly well-known on-line, and there are a few places which could do with a bit more editing. But the overall quality is great – a lot of work has really gone into design as well as content, including a lot of fancy, welcome, infographics such as this cryptography timeline:

It might have been nice to see more of an “Introduction to Bitcoin” section for those who aren’t familiar with it all – although it’s also pretty cool having a fairly high “base level” of readership knowledge for something you can really get your teeth into. As others have pointed out, some of the info is (naturally) out of date now, but nothing a little on-line catch-up can’t solve. Such is the nature of the physical world. Still, it’s great to hear that Barnes & Noble will be selling it in the future, so maybe that’ll affect the content and the intended audience.

All in all, I think I’m going to try to scrape some BTC loose change together to subscribe. Just need to find some spare time to read it too now.

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