Bitcoin Generation

Posted on June 22, 2012


My son said “bitcoin” today. He’s at that age where he soaks up words like a linguistic sponge, but I couldn’t help feeling a little bit proud. He also wouldn’t give back the shiny Casascius coins I showed him. So I guess he’s got some sense already…

So I thought it’d be nice to start up a little Bitcoin fund for him. I took one of the coins I’d managed to prise back off him, entered the short bits over at, and generated a QR code to request half a BTC.

It’s the first time I’ve actually tried sending bitcoins from my phone. I opened the blockchain app, scanned the code, and then got prompted to scan a paper wallet. Oh, that’s right, I remember now. I was playing with that when I first set up my wallet on

I knew that address only had 0.01 BTC in it though, so it looks like the app might prompt you for a paper wallet even if you don’t need to use it – one to play with more later, if I can find my paper print-out…

Anyway, I clicked ‘Cancel’… and the app crashed. But the transaction did go through. You can see it here.

A bit of a clunky experience, but it did feel good to put something aside for “the future”. Maybe I’ll try it again in a month.

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